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BestoChem is two decade old main pharma division moving ahead by focusing on bringing new formulations in India. Being recognized for its

  1. Gastro segment
  2. Antibiotics
  3. Gynaecology segment

BestoChem is pioneer in antibiotic segment and is always working on new combinations. We are the proud owner of the brand CV-CEF (cefpodoxime with clavulanic acid) which has been launched for the first time in India by BestoChem later on being followed by other leading pharmaceutical organizations.

BestoChem is committed to improve the quality of human life by safe, effective & affordable medications. BestoChem is achieving new heights through unique formulations & innovative ideas.
Bestochem division forsee itself as market leader in Antibiotic & Gastro segment.

SALUTE BestoChem

Inception of this division in Indian pharma market was in the year 2006 to have a complete coverage over the pharmaceutical sky & for in-depth penetration into the market. This division is primarily focused on

  1. Orthopaedic segment
  2. Physician segment

 This division salutes the medical fraternity for their dedication in serving humanity & the victory of this division is because of their confidence on us & our quality products.
This division is recognized by brands like Sistal range, Calcibest, AbCef and newly launched Thyrobest.